Irina Guberman

Principal Product Architect at Xaptum

Empowering devices for IoT with Erlang and FPGA

We will briefly discuss the challenges of Internet of Things and how various solutions are emerging.

FPGAs are becoming a critical building block of IoT by providing reduced cost and low power consumption of devices, yet keeping them flexible, reprogrammable, and therefore adaptable to the evolving complexities of communication with the outside world. We'll go over some real world examples and use cases of devices needing to be reprogrammed on the fly, such as DSP bandwidth shifting, etc. We'll provide high level overview of programming FPGA with a hardware description language like VHDL or Verilog.

We at Xaptum developed a new kind of network specifically dedicated to IoT paradigm. Unlike Internet, it is inherently secure, optimized for upload and provides direct communication tunnels between devices and subscribers greatly reducing latency and increasing traffic predictability. As such we can provide a perfect platform to program FPGA devices remotely and securely.

We were very eager to take our Xaptum net for a test drive, end to end, simulating real challenges of IoT devices out in the wild and thus came up with device controller software written in Erlang and designed to run on FPGA devices. Brief speculation on "Why Erlang?" will be followed by deep dive into implementation and a proof of concept of how FPGAs can be upgraded on the fly at massive scale.

Talk objectives:

Get the audience interested and practically involved in solving IoT challenges.

Target audience:

Anyone at the conference who is afraid of smart devices taking over humankind and wants to be in control of the situation. Those who are not afraid are very welcome too.

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Software engineer/architect with a passion for large-scale distributed systems and all the associated challenges. Polyglot, but favorite programming language since 2011: Erlang. Current professional aspirations since September 2016: make a real difference shaping the future of IoT.

Twitter: @irina_guberman
Github: iguberman